Increase IQ 10-20 Points on Independent Tests

We guarantee an IQ increase of 10-20 points in 20 days on independent standardized IQ tests. We provide (optional) pre- and post-training online IQ tests to objectively measure your IQ increase. If you don’t make the guaranteed IQ increase we will reimburse you immediately

2G and Stroop N-Back Training – Beyond Dual N-Back

Extensive scientific studies repeatedly show most online brain training games do not work beyond practice effects that are specific to the game.

HighIQPro builds on the only type of brain training with scientific credibility – working memory training such as the dual n-back. No other training method has scientifically demonstrated IQ gains. But research shows dual n-back training is not optimized for IQ gains. The critical factor linking working memory with IQ is interference control – the ability to filter out distracting information that attracts your attention. Interference control is built into our 2G  & Stroop n-back. 2G also incorporates strategy-capacity training, combining optimized dual n-back training with (optional) problem solving strategy training.

Hyper mode: speed & rhythm

During traditional dual n-back training sensory areas of your brain go into an electrical rhythm that matches the rhythm of the n-back letters and squares. The ‘attentional rhythm’ helps you process information more efficiently. HighIQPro has a ‘hyper mode’ option which increases the speed and breaks the rhythm of the stimuli. This innovation increases the ‘cognitive load’ and trains attentional flexibility and executive functioning.

Positive feedback primes

Studies on brain activity with performance feedback in learning tasks have shown that positive feedback promotes learning outcomes. HighIQPro’s training games have audio error feedback. They also have an emotionally positive feedback option that promotes more rapid learning, working memory and IQ gains.

Stroop N-Back: Maximizing interference control

HighIQPro’s 2G game uses traditional squares and letter/number audio. HighIQPro’s Stroop game is based on the well-established ‘Stroop effect’ in cognitive psychology – in which one aspect of a stimulus (e.g. the meaning of a word) may interfere with processing the color the word is written in. This game uses color-word and direction-location combinations to maximize interference control training which results in greater IQ gains and executive brain functioning.

Problem Solving Training with Online Tutorials

Working memory training works synergistically with learning problem solving and decision-making strategies. As an option, HighIQPro’s working memory training builds in problem solving strategy training. This results in a capacity-strategy synergy effect which boosts overall IQ and greatly improves problem solving and decision making. There are 20 optional problem sets with associated online tutorials covering topics as diverse as Raven’s matrices to game theory.

Game Playing Incentives & Motivators

HighIQPro has gamified incentives to help ensure that you complete your 20 day program and attain your IQ increase. These include a ‘top scorer’ leaderboards, scoring incentives and multisensory feedback. The control you have over multiple training options also ensures the task never gets boring, and you can continue to improve beyond the 20 days. 


Just completed this fluid test Serebriakoff Advanced Culture Fair Test (that was standardized on Mensa members) got a score of 25 which equates to IQ of 138, so your training does what it says on the tin. Thought I would include it for other members of HighIQPro. Many thanks. Paul.

Paul Hayes

I originally, had a 105  IQ  before even using your products. I tried Lumosity, which helped only with reducing stress, then I found your Web Page, and bought HighIQpro. After the 20 training sessions, I took the JCTI and scored 124, meaning a 19 points increase.

Homero Diaz

I’m an air traffic controller for the FAA and since I’ve started using your software, I have noticed considerable improvements in my mental acuity while working. I will be transferring to a higher volume facility within several months and would like as much of an advantage during a 3 year intense training to succeed overall and possible promotion. 

Bill Schuller


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