Mark Ashton Smith, Ph.D

About Mark Ashton Smith, Ph.D

I am a cognitive scientist with a joint Ph.D in cognitive psychology and neuroscience from the Center of the Neural Basis of Cognition (Carnegie Mellon/Pittsburgh). At IQ Mindware we develop brain training interventions to increase IQ, critical thinking, decision making, creativity and executive functioning.

Latest N-Back Brain Training Studies: Effective Sleep and Training Synergy

We know from an often skeptical press that many brain training apps do not work beyond practice effects specific to the games themselves. But it’s clear from the steady stream of peer-reviewed cognitive neuroscience research that some types of brain training are effective for increasing IQ and focus (ref).    So what works? What brain training has so-called far-transfer to

Vitalik Buterin: Deep Learning Strategist

How can I keep this business afloat, given how poorly it’s been performing? How do I increase my standard of living, to feel like I’m in control of my life? How do I attain more professional influence and long-term impact? How do I strengthen my company’s competitive advantage? How do I ‘make a difference’ in my residential community to help improve educational access?   Answering these kinds of high-level questions call for effective strategic

Effective Decision Making Using the Emotion Imbued Choice Model

Decision-Making: Definition   Decision making can be defined as (ref):   the ability to choose between competing courses of action based on the relative subjective value of their probabilistic consequences   Learning: Definition   The capacity… to acquire or develop new, memories, knowledge or skills based on experience   Today’s Mindware: Emotion Imbued Choice (EIC) Model The tutorial for this session builds on the

Gated Dual N-Back: Input and Output Gating

Here I explain how the gated dual n-back (gated DNB) innovation is a critical advance on classic dual n-back training. Warning: some of the material is quite technical. Simply read up to the ‘Summary’ section at the beginning, and then skip down to the last Exec Summary paragraph, for the basic take-home.  In my dual n-back post I reviewed the evidence for the IQ augmenting benefits of dual n-back training, taking a closer look at the Johns Hopkins University DNB

Strategic Action & The OODA Loop

Strategy: Definition & Examples   We will use the following definitions: Strategic action promotes strategic advantage, and/or implements strategic plans. Strategic plans are high level plans to achieve goals under conditions of uncertainty. Strategic vision is intuitive, creative thinking about high-value envisioned futures.   IQ Mindware Strategic Action Exercises: The OODA Loop   1. Mindfulness / Meta-Awareness Applying the OODA loop involves being meta-aware of your own OODA loop as it unfolds,