Our Credentials

Several decades of cognitive neuroscience research have been pooled in the development of this software (ref). The founder and director of IQ Mindware is Dr Mark Ashton Smith. He has a cognitive psychology and neuroscience joint PhD from the joint Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh ‘Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition‘ (CNBC) Program, and was an Assist. Professor (Lecturer) at the University of Cambridge. Dr Ashton Smith has branched into applying his cognitive neuroscience background to developing evidence-based interventions for health, resilience and cognitive performance.

In 2010, after helping spearhead a number of cognitive neuroscience programs in multiple universities since leaving the University of Cambridge, I decided that I wanted to apply my training and research insights to helping people improve their resilience and cognitive performance through evidence-based interventions – while continuing to collaborate with university research labs around the world.