HighIQPro FAQs

How long does the training last? What do I do in the training?

The training period is 20 days, 15-25 minutes each day. This can be done over a 30 day period, with 1-3 day breaks.

Ther are two components to the training:

1. ‘working memory’ exercise called the dual n-back which is easy to learn and continually adapts to your level of practice. It has built in incentives to help your training enjoyment. At every point of the 20 day program, you have access to other user’s average performance at that point which can further motivate your training.

2. Brainteasers after each session, with links to online tutorials that explain the principles of good problem solving strategy.

What makes this application better than other brain training applications on the market?

There are a number of popular brain training products on the market such as Lumosity, co-founded by Michael Scanlon after he abandoned his neuroscience PhD at Stanford University, California, An authoritative study published in the scientific journal Nature has recently shown that these do not improve general cognitive ability. Skills on the specific exercises improve with practice, but these exercises do not result in general improvements in brain function, except for specific attentional effects.

This Nature study of popular brain training products can be found here:

The researchers concluded:

“There were absolutely no transfer effects” from the training tasks to more general tests of cognition, says Adrian Owen, a neuroscientist at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Cognition and Brian Sciences Unit in Cambridge, UK, who led the study. “I think the expectation that practicing a broad range of cognitive tasks to get yourself smarter is completely unsupported.”

A recent review of Lumosity in the Guardian  also concludes that “Websites that claim to increase concentration, verbal reasoning and memory have become big business, despite research that challenges their effectiveness”. Last year, Dr Adam Hampshire published research showing that out of 44,600 individuals who took an earlier version of the MRC tests, those who had regularly brain-trained using Lumosity and Nintendo showed no advantage in any form of intelligence relative to those who did not.

We are the only company that offers a money back guarantee if you do not obtain a 10-20 point IQ increase and 40% working memory capacity increase – measured by scientifically valid tests- either professionally administered, or by using the valid tests we provide. And the gains are long-term. Read more..

Other companies (e.g. Lumosity) offer their own internal tests for performance gains, but these lack validity. To quote:

Lumosity users often ask how much they can expect to improve with training. The short answer is you can improve a lot. The chart included shows the average Brain Performance Index (BPI) for users as a function of the number of Lumosity games played, up to 1000 total games.

It is impossible to determine if you have really gained in your IQ or in other areas of cognition from these internal tests. We offer independent scientific tests for IQ and working memory. And we guarantee an IQ and memory increase based on these independent tests.
The HighIQPro application has been developed by a cognitive neuroscientist led team and builds on the only scientifically proven method for increasing general cognitive performance – working memory training (the dual n-back).

HighIQPro has been on the market for over two years and thousands of users have increased their IQ substantially using our software.

Is the IQ gain permanent?

Yes, the science shows that the training results in permanent neuroplasticity changes (journal article link), and long-term IQ gains (WSJ link). Here is one customer’s (Andrew Clark from the Bulletproof Executive) experience:

The best part about the training is that it’s permanent. After the 20 sessions you see above I did no training for a full 8 months to see if I’d forget the skill and have to start over. The results were an astounding OPPOSITE of what I expected, as if my brain had further optimized itself during the 8 months off. Here are my scores for another 14 sessions 8 months after I started the training:

What are the benefits of a higher IQ?

Increasing your IQ level has widespread cognitive and neuroplasticity benefits – reviewed here in ‘essential high iq advantages‘.  These include improved problem solving, reasoning, decision-making, attentional focus and flexibility, self-control and mental endurance. There are other interesting neuroplasticity effects, such as the amount of REM sleep, known to play an important role in learning and consolidating memories.

I’ve used a Zeo to track my sleep patterns after N-back training to see what my brain was up to the following night. The result? Drastically higher REM sleep percentages, often between 30-40% of sleep–proof enough that the N-back training boosts brain optimization significantly. One night my REM even exceeded light.

A. Clark

Can I continue training past the 20 days?

Yes – training with our software is unlimited – as the above graph indicates. Scientists have looked at the effects of 20 days of training, but not beyond this, and greater gains are entirely possible. There are additional settings – different speeds, and numbers instead of letters, to keep the training interesting and motivating.

Can I increase my IQ in less than 20 days?

You can gain in your IQ from around 12 days of training up to 20 days. Some individuals have a faster learning curve, and have experienced dramatic IQ gains in as few as 5 training sessions.

Prior to starting training I scored 135 on the IQ test. Within 5 sessions of dual n-back training on High IQ Pro my average had increased to 5.0. I decided that- given that I had reached a level that people tend to reach after the 19 sessions- I would have a go at the JCTI test. I scored 146 on the JCTI, which I’m quite happy with.

Gordy, software developer

Can I take breaks in my 20 day training program?

You can take 1-3 days break for every week’s training, but we do not suggest having larger breaks to get the full training benefits. Overall you should try to complete your training within 30 days in total – including breaks.

Does the IQ gain depend on my starting IQ level?

Regardless of your starting IQ level (low, average or high), you will benefit from training. As reported in the original research paper demonstrating the IQ gains: “Gain in fluid intelligence is strictly training related.”

What are the scientific credentials?

Our scientific and professional credentials can be found here.

What is recommended – HighIQPro Desktop or HighIQPro Mobile?

We recommend the desktop/mobile multi-license, allowing you the flexibility of training on both a desktop/laptop and mobile device (smartphone or tablet).   It is the same software, implemented on different scales. If possible, train on a desktop/laptop, but if you are on the move and need the flexibility, you can train using a mobile device with earphones. You can also distribute licenses to friends if you purchase the desktop/mobile multi-license.

Will there be an iPhone / iPad release soon?

Currently we only offer Android mobile. However, an iOS version will be released soon.

If English is not my native language, can I use this software?

The training exercise has a visual and an audio component. Language is not needed for the visual component. For the audio, there are English, Italian, German and Spanish language options. There is no language comprehension required for the IQ increasing task, just recognition of single letter sounds. However, the instructions and online ‘strategy’ tutorials are in English – although these are online so you may use online translations. 

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