Cognitive Aging & Brain Health

Average IQ levels in the population over the lifespan

The diagram below shows how different factors of IQ and memory change over the lifespan – on average. In general, after 55 for most aspects of IQ, there is a gradual decline. This is called ‘cognitive aging’.



The good news is this cognitive decline is not inevitable. IQ and memory levels can be maintained beyond the 50s, and even improved. HighIQPro n-back training has been demonstrated to improve cognitive functioning, throughout the lifespan.


Your estimated long-term IQ increase with HighIQPro training

Based on scientific research, your IQ will increase between 10-20 points as a result of HighIQPro training. This effect is long-term due to neuroplasticity changes in your frontal cortex. This increase is money-back guaranteed.



I was skeptical about the specific numbers claimed for fluid intelligence, short term memory and IQ gains. But after training the numbers held up. I gained 16 IQ points and doubled my short term memory capacity. Very impressive.

Barry Store, London

I am in my mid 60s. I’d challenge anyone to show me software that compares to this in terms of scientific authority. It’s obviously a highly technical and effective training program, and I’m happy to have found it. I’m enjoying the blog updates too.

Heldo Montanez


Reach your high IQ goal with HighIQPro neuroplasticity training software

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