Work Productivity and Career Tests

Target IQ levels for career productivity & achievement

The diagram shows the distribution of IQ levels in the general population.  Average IQs for different professions are shown. Job aptitude tests are designed accordingly. Of course, IQ test scores are just an indicator of general cognitive abilities such attentional focus, problem solving, reasoning and decision making.



Many studies show a positive relationship between work complexity and IQ. There are also relationships between work satisfaction and income and IQ. In general higher your IQ the the more you can cope with at work, and the more productive and efficient you are. Higher IQs have better ‘work flows’. Higher IQ individuals also score higher in job aptitude (psychometric) tests.


Your estimated long term IQ increase with HighIQPro training

Based on scientific research, your IQ will increase between 10-20 points as a result of HighIQPro training. This effect is long-term due to neuroplasticity changes in your frontal cortex. This increase is money-back guaranteed.



I used HighIQPro to prepare for a psychometric ‘Matrices’ test. I’m very happy to have used this software training program, as I felt I better understood the test questions and performed better on the test. I was offered the job. I strongly recommend this software.

Andrew Morrison, Sheffield


I’m more interested in my overall brain fitness and intelligence for work than IQ tests, but I took the dk IQ test before my training – and the other valid IQ test after it. I scored 15 points higher. This was a big surprise to me. I’m very happy to have put the effort into this scientifically based training rather than wasting my time with other ‘brain fitness workouts’ that have been proven to be a waste of time. I find that I’m sharper and problem solving much better at work, and I’m generally able to focus better – I’m much less easily distracted.

Richard Olson, St Louis


I’m a high frequency portfolio manager in New York, and in my job I develop statistical, systematic and rule-based strategies for U.S. equities, futures and fx. I need to be smart for my job. The fact that I’m in my mid 40s is also a factor. High IQ Pro has helped my performance.

Mike Mahoney, New York


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