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IQ Increase


So I took the Anders Jensen’s IQ test and scored a 118. Pretty ok. Then I completed the 20 day training. Honestly I waited a couple weeks before I took the JCTI. It said my index is 138. Did I just raise my IQ by 20 points?!

       Sean Tucker


As is suggested, I took an IQ test before the training. I completed all 20 sessions of the training over a period of about 35 days. Even though I was stuck at n=4 for over twelve sessions in a row, on session 15 I suddenly had a breakthrough and was steadily holding n=7–my brain had really adapted and grown! I did another IQ test after the training and found that my IQ had jumped by 19 points.



You were right! I kept at it and am now averaging n = 6.5 after 24 sessions. Thanks so much for sharing this technology with people! I’m enjoying your blog as well. It does seem to be helping my cognitive effectiveness so far, at least on Raven’s matrices IQ tests. I scored a 118 on the Anders Jensen before the training, and after the training I scored a 768 on the TRI-52, which I suppose translates roughly to a 133-134 IQ.

       Ryuta Arisaka


Mensa & High IQ Societies


I’ve always wanted to join Mensa. I came across your article on Mensa membership and this inspired me to train with HighIQPro – in preparation for the Mensa qualifying exam. I stuck to the program, and it certainly helped me attain my life-long goal. Thank you for this software.

      Jana Oster


I´m writing you for a feed-back with your program High IQ Pro.

Finally, as I told you last week, this morning I´ve past the WAIS-test, after 16 n-back sessions.
I´m really… amazing! My WAIS-IQ is 146 (percentile 99,9).

…I feel your program gave me an increased short-term memory. One of the WAIS subtest consists of repeating a series of numbers, as the High IQ Pro does. When I started training, it was difficult for me passing the 2-back phase, but in 16th I past the 6-back eventually, and found very very easy the 2, 3 and 4-back ones.

Thank you very much for helping me in my goal: join Mensa (and telling that my unfair boss, but I wont…).

Good luck and congratulations for your programs!



Hi…Im a great fan of your software….Im a mensa member now after using your software…it gave psychological satisfaction too …Thank u very much…u changed my life.

       Zuraisha Husen


My IQ was 119 on the Jensen IQ test before training with HighIQPro. After 20 days of training my IQ was measured at 133 on the TRI-52IQ test – a gain of 14 points. That’s Mensa standard. I’m thinking more effectively, my decision making is better – I feel smarter too! I strongly recommend this software.

       Alison Jensen 

Educational Success


Last time I reported I was on session 5 on a 3-back. I was dividing my training into two daily 15 minute sessions. I was preparing for my GRE and can happily report that I got the promised gain in working memory and IQ. I did much better than I expected on my GREs, and I attribute this in part to the brain training.

       Tony O’Reilly


In prep for MCATs, this program is great. Since intelligence and problem-solving demands different factors, why not train them all? I benefited most from improving my working memory and fluid intelligence. I am sharper, without any doubt, because of this brain training and will continue pushing my limits.

       Isabell Robb, California


My SAT total was 2250. My sister’s was 1870. We had the same IQ! 20 days of HighIQPro obvously helped me, as well as the preparation I put in. Thanks for a great product!

       Mark Ashley


Work and Productivity


I’m an air traffic controller for the FAA and since I’ve started using your software, I have noticed considerable improvements in my mental acuity while working. I will be transferring to a higher volume facility within several months and would like as much of an advantage during a 3 year intense training to succeed overall and possible promotion.

      Bill Schuller


I used HighIQPro to prepare for a psychometric ‘Matrices’ test. I’m very happy to have used this software training program, as I felt I better understood the test questions and performed better on the test. I was offered the job. I strongly recommend this software.

       Andrew Morrison, UK


I’m more interested in my overall brain fitness and intelligence for work than IQ tests, but I took the dk IQ test before my training – and the other valid IQ test after it. I scored 15 points higher. This was a big surprise to me. I’m very happy to have put the effort into this scientifically based training rather than wasting my time with other ‘brain fitness workouts’ that have been proven to be a waste of time. I find that I’m sharper and problem solving much better at work, and I’m generally able to focus better – I’m much less easily distracted.

       Richard Olson



ADHD, Dyslexia


Btw I must say your product has really changed my life….After a lot of soul searching and therapy to ease my anxious mind I concluded I probably had ADD, and my working memory was the real problem. I’m still between n-back 2 and 3, but in real life the changes have been massive and I am now going all out on the SAT to get into my dream college. I really hope that this software gets its way to more people with the same type of issues as I have because the results it does produce are nothing short of amazing.

       J. Bexelius, Sweden


I would like to mention an interesting benefit of N-back. After 20 days of training my working memory capacity has increased from 2.1 to 6.7. I have symptoms of dyslexia, though, after starting playing n-back, my verbal abilities have significantly improved.

       A. Kutay


I have noticed changes that I did not expect. For example, I seem to be cured of my ADHD. Man i am grateful.  I just got this for my family members and best friend.  I cannot believe how affordable this software is.  I will pay a million dollars for it.

       O. Mordi, US military


Scientific Reviews of Working Memory Training


The results of individual studies encourage optimism regarding the value of working memory training as a tool for general cognitive enhancement. …Studies of core training show improvements in a variety of areas of cognition (e.g. cognitive control, reading comprehension), persist even with the use of tightly matched controls, and are consistent with neuroimaging studies demonstrating activation changes in regions associated with domain-general cognitive performance. Core working memory training thus represents a favourable approach to achieve broad cognitive enhancement.

      Morrison & Chein, 2011


there is a rapidly growing number of studies demonstrating that training-related increases in working memory capacity can yield improvements in a range of important cognitive skills as well as improved cognitive function in clinical populations with known working memory deficiencies.

       Morrison & Chein, 2010


 Increasing intelligence is possible after all …with more training leading to greater gains …across the spectrum of abilities. …Almost 40 years ago, Jensen claimed that, when all is said and done, there is not much one can do to raise people’s IQs. Jaeggi and her colleagues have made an important contribution… by showing that intelligence is trainable to a significant and meaningful degree.

       Robert Sternberg, Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Indiana University


I know, there is a huge market of software concerning brain training, IQ-training, and so on. But there is no real scientific evidence that these programs actually work, that is, that they actually boost intelligence or train something else than the task itself, at least in young adults.  The … fact that we reliably showed transfer effects after training, and moreover, that we showed transfer to such an important function as fluid intelligence is a very new and exciting finding in our field.

       Dr Susanne Jaeggi, University of Michigan