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Increase IQ for Problem Solving, Decision Making, Creativity & Focus

Research over the past decade shows that how intelligent you are is not a fixed, genetic attribute. Your IQ level can change as much as 20 points.

2G training overcomes limitations of traditional dual n-back. The only company offering a guaranteed IQ and memory increase on independent, valid tests.

What do you do in the training? Is the IQ increase permanent? How long does the training last? Can I increase my IQ more then 20 points?

“Increasing intelligence is possible after all …with more training leading to greater gains …across the spectrum of abilities.” Professor Sternberg

The HighIQPro training method has been developed by numerous high-profile cognitive neuroscientists, from prestigious research institutes.

We guarantee a 10-20 point IQ increase, and a 40% memory increase in 20 days. If you do not attain these gains, we will refund you immediately.

Increase IQ level & problem solving skills: Get smarter with long-term neuroplasticy change

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